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Want lower priced bulk herbal incense promos?!

Wholesale Herbal Incense discounts at!

Wholesale Herbal Incense is under discussion at Herbal Incense 1

We know the many benefits of wholesale pricing, and are currently deciding whether or not we would like to offer this to the more business focused among our beloved clientèle. We work closely with our representatives, and have kept our supply close to heart for a reason: because it’s better than the best around, it’s #1! So we clutch to keep our goods and wares tightly to us like a mother paranoid of letting her young go off to school for the first time.

If you are interested in wholesale herbal incense pricing, get in touch!

More than anything, we are curious as to how profitable offering wholesale herbal incense might be for us at HI1. So we welcome any and all inquiries regarding bulk herbal incense pricing! Knowing there is a substantial amount of interest surrounding bulk offerings will help mightily in our decision to open the flood gates, as it were. Without knowing the interest is there, we’d rather not put out that this is available to avoid misleading any of our customers.

If we do decide to let the goods out at bulk discount incense prices…

We would assuredly make the news available by contacting first those who have sent us messages showing their interest, and then secondly on our website via our blog, as well as updating this page here for all new inquiries that come in from that day forward.

If you are interested, and want to let us know, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page with your contact information, what brand (if any) you’re specifically interested in, what price break you’re expecting, and your name (of course). We’ll be in touch with the people who send us their contact information FIRST before we make it available to anyone else, and in the order their information is received, so don’t delay, lest you find yourself behind a rather large line of savvy spice aficionados!