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Ramses III


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Usimare Ramesses, renowned today as Ramses III was the son of Setnakhte. After the demise of Setnakhte, Rameses III became the third and one of the most influential King of the 20th dynasty of Pharaoh kingdom at the ancient times of the 1100 BC.

History has acclaimed an amazing discovery that Incenses were used even at the primeval times of the Ramses empire. This claim has received much recognition after the exploration of the painting found at the temple of Khonsu depicting Ramses III himself offering an Incense.

The Ramses III Herbal Incense has been made to re-commemorate the same fable of Ramses the third. The main attributes of the Ramses III herbal incenses are that it has been scented with an aroma that has agents and traits of tranquilizing, healing, relaxing and cooling in nature. It is so calming that it can help stimulate a person to enlighten his mind; and to recognize splendor and greatness in his/her life.
Ramses III Herbal Incense is available a pack of sufficiently sized 5 grams. Set them up now and feel the melancholy and depression fading away stimulating an aura of serenity and tranquility within, instantly!

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