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Neferetti Herbal Incense 5g – Legal Spice Blend | Fine Herbal Incense

Nefertiti Herbal Incense


Queen Nefertiti Herbal Incense conquers the senses with a scent that is equal to her incredible beauty. Try this potent exotic spice incense and see why it is a best seller. This is a queen that is worth her weight in gold!

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Nefertiti Herbal Incense – Bow Before The Queen!


Nefertiti Herbal Incense has an aroma that is the perfect match for it’s namesake. Nefertiti was the elegant, and famously beautiful wife of an Egyptian Pharaoh. With her persona in mind, the makers of Nefertiti Herbal Incense set out to create a super strong blend of herbs and incense spice. And now they have! We are very excited to present this aroma.

The perfect scent to captivate your senses. Do you enjoy aromatherapy? Want an aromatic herbal incense that is special? Then we urge you to try this one.  It is made with premium herbal spice. New wondrous aromas are waiting to take you on a journey of the spirit. Why be stuck in your everyday life with all your problems? Try something new! Use a scent like Nefertiti Herbal Incense to enhance your mood!

These are truly unique and exceptional herbs. They produce such an intense unparalleled aroma that you’ll soon find your anxiety vanish! Why suffer? Easy natural fix for stress! One whiff of the Queen’s all-powerful potent potpourri and you’ll believe in natural healing too! The powers of herbal aromatherapy can be truly great. Soothing scent that is perfect for any time!

Searching for a natural fix for anxiety or insomnia? Look no further! This is the ideal incense to calm you down. The scent of Nefertiti Herbal Incense has been known to fill people with bewitching thoughts of long-ago hot desert sands. Just imagine all the luxurious Egyptian palaces. Picture the mystifying ancient rituals. Ready to relax like an Egyptian? Try this incense spice today! You won’t regret it. Great for any herbal incense fan!

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NOTICE: Nefertiti Herbal Incense is comprised of natural herbs and ingredients that are 100% legal in all 50 states. In no event will the retailers or manufacturers of this product be held liable by the consumer for any injury or damages caused directly or indirectly by the misuse of this product by the consumer. It is manufactured, designed, and sold as an aromatic incense only. It is not intended for human consumption. Guaranteed to be tobacco free and contains zero nicotine.

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