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Mad Monkey Herbal Incense 15g

Mad Monkey Herbal Incense


Original Mad Monkey Herbal Incense, herbal insanity in a bag! He’s not an angry monkey. This herbal spice blend is just NUTS! One of the most potent potpourri incense products on the market today!

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Product Description

Mad Monkey Herbal Incense

Mad Monkey Herbal Incense might sound a little crazy, but that’s probably what makes him so popular! If you love our Monkey Herbal Incense line of products then you are going to go bananas for this one!

Now we all know that some monkeys are boring, some are monkeys are funny, and some monkeys are downright Sexy… but this mad monkey is just NUTS! More fun than a barrel full of monkeys? You better believe it. This bag of Mad Monkey Herbal Incense is guaranteed to be more relaxing than a barrel full of monkeys and smell better too! How did all of those monkeys get in that barrel in the first place anyways? Don’t worry about that right now. All you need to worry about is ordering some Mad Monkey Herbal Incense from Fine Herbal Incense today, before this popular monkey sells out for good!

Nobody likes to be surrounded by the same stale predictable potpourri scent. That’s why we buy from herbal spice suppliers that like to blend their scents creatively. Herbal incense is made by using all natural ingredients. These ingredients can range from special herbs, rare flora, and even micro amounts of fruit juice added during the creative process.

We don’t want to get the same old boring scents all the time. We don’t want to sell them to you either! Mad Monkey Herbal Incense doesn’t skimp when it comes to quality. Potency is key. If you use herbal incense during aromatherapy, then you need something potent to be effective. Lighting up the same incense you always use gets boring. And using weak incense doesn’t work on the senses like it’s supposed to during therapy. When it comes to lifting your spirits high and enjoying your relaxation therapy, you should use the best herbal incense you can buy. Mad Monkey Herbal Incense combines some of the best herbal attributes in it’s unique and powerful blend. It has an insanely powerful scent that you’ll go mad for!

Fine Herbal Incense has found that people out there in search of strong herbal remedies are curious to know what works and what doesn’t. That’s why our team at Fine Herbal Incense makes sure to test every herbal incense product we have in stock. This is especially important during our herbal incense market research. We want our customers to have the best herbal incense online experience. Don’t fall for mimics or gimmicks that other websites use. Knockoff herbal incense products are no joke! People that use herbal incense, potent potpourris, and all strong legal herbal spice blends for aromatherapy need something that works!

Fine Herbal Incense buys from trusted herbal incense suppliers and tests every batch for quality and potency. So even packages of incense that seem funny or cute are guaranteed to be incredibly potent. So you know you’ll be getting the best aromatherapy experience. This Mad Monkey Herbal Incense here is one herbal spice blend that will make you happy you didn’t monkey around with your money! We know that from experience.

Don’t make the monkey angry! Get your Mad Monkey Herbal Incense today from Fine Herbal Incense and go bananas for this insanely potent potpourri!

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NOTICE: Mad Monkey Herbal Incense is comprised of natural herbs and ingredients that are 100% legal in all 50 states. In no event will the retailers or manufacturers of this product be held liable by the consumer for any injury or damages caused directly or indirectly by the misuse of this product by the consumer. It is manufactured, designed, and sold as an aromatic incense only. It is not intended for human consumption. Guaranteed to be tobacco free and contains zero nicotine.


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