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knockout herbal incense

Knockout Herbal Incense


Oooh baby this knockout herbal incense is a bonafide thriller! KO, kiss kiss bang boom, out like a light! This is the spice that doesn’t play so nice! You better be a heavyweight contender if you’re thinking of getting in the ring with this bad bad bag from the upper side of swag!

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Product Description

Knockout Herbal Incense (3g)

Knockout Herbal Incense is finally back, and it’s going to knock you off your feet! This scent is not for the faint of heart. It’s not considered unpleasant, but it may shock the senses for those smelling this insense for the first time! Knockout Herbal Incense is only going to be for sale at Fine Herbal Incense for a limited time. If you like unique and strong scents then knock everyone out of your way, and add some Knockout Incense to your FHI shopping cart today!

Knockout Herbal Incense in 3g bags for a price that will leave you feeling so relaxed you just might be knock-kneed. A little goes a long way, and the herbal smoke is great for aromatherapy, or as an everyday household air freshener. Perfect for everyone’s olfactory pleasure!

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