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Kisha Cole Incense

Kisha Cole Incense


The lasting fragrance Kisha Cole Incense creates is fiery and massive with more than a mere touch of sweetness that commandingly slaps you in the face with joy, while additionally boosting the force and vitality of the psyches. People are getting mega-charged off of it. The benchmarks we measure our merchandise by has been surpassed, and potency has all but been guaranteed by the manufacturers during the future creation of Kisha Cole Herbal Incense.

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Product Description

Kisha Cole Incense (11g)

Score on the Herbal Incense Spice Scale:

  • Potency – 7
  • Flavor – 9
  • Longevity – 7
  • Uniqueness – 8
  • Popularity – 6


Kisha Cole Incense is excessively obsessed over due to it’s infamous reputation of leaving one feeling not only sexy, but sexed up on top of it. One of the more recent and cutting edge spice fragrances, it surprisingly saw sales increase on a massive scale, and it’s popularity was soon a hallmark of this wonderfully titillating and tasty scent. It’s points for Flavor on the spice scale were easy to award once we reviewed it for ourselves. The quality of this premium potpourri doesn’t stop at mere goodness, its properties stand alone on an herb of their own. Characteristics of Kisha Cole Herbal Incense include some of the obvious, like sweetness, floral notes, and cinnamon.

What was harder to pinpoint when sampling this herbal smoke was an illusive aromatic note that reminded us distinctively of fruity pebbles. We know that sounds crazy, but we think this characteristic was undeniable once we came to that conclusion. Kisha Cole Incense is definitely something for both the guys and the ladies to try, no matter if you like the strong spice, the sweet spice, the young spice, or whatever is nice to you. Truth be told, it has been made up of a richer mix of numerous home grown fragrances, each with diverse and positively potent properties.

Most care and attention was given to the unique flavor that makes up KC, and importantly, it was made with the distinct goal of potency over profitability kept in mind. We verified that the last batch compared to the first we got stayed true to the blend’s consistency, which is rare indeed in a constantly evolving market like our industry. New as it is, we think KC Incense is planned to be kept around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean you should wait on buying some, it goes quickly, and batches take a long time to come together.

Kisha Cole Incense spice offers a better than most, higher than average, flavor. It’s strength is admirable when compared to other potpourris with a similar price point. It’s worth giving this incense a shot if you’ve been in the business of legal buds as of late. Kisha Cole Incense can kick off a brand new appreciation with a great renewed sense of power and drive. Whether utilized as a part of a aromatherapy party or relaxing with your favorite scents in a room alone, you should experience the delightful tones of Kisha Cole Incense from – Try it now, NOW!


Kisha Cole Incense

Kisha Cold Herbal Incense


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