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Hydro Herbal Incense


Legal spice for the lowest price, so you better BELIEVE THE HYDRO HYPE! You are going to love Hydro Herbal Incense, and you’re going to love it’s low price!

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Product Description

Hydro Herbal Incense (3g)

Hydro Herbal Incense is back and you better believe it’s better than ever!

Of course we’re gonna say it’s good. After all, we are offering it on our website! But this time, you should trust the hype you hear! Hydro Incense could be described as many things: hip, hairy, humorous, haunting, even hellishly good!

It’s HYDRO Herbal Incense!

Hydro is such an awesome blend that many different brands come out with their own “hydro” herbal incense scent for their own products!

Many people who like herbal incense also like the scent of Hydro. This is definitely a good choice for anyone who loves a good, potent scent, and this classic beauty even on sale! Buy a pack of the classic Hydro Herbal Incense from Fine Herbal Incense today, because it won’t be around forever!

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Hydro Herbal Incense

IS NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! By purchasing products on our website you agree to enjoy the herbal smoke as an incense aroma only! Our products are not meant to be used for legal highs. Tobacco is not present in this product. Hydro Herbal Incense contains nicotine.

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Weight 3g g