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Gorilla Dro Herbal Incense


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Product Description

The Gorilla Herbal Incense harnesses the ultimate impulse of force, strength and vigor. It’s aroma drives the sheer force of fury, passion and power. Its scent is sharp and strong, it penetrates down into the deeps of the body incinerating a dominating frenzy from deep within. It reinvigorates the intensity of enthusiasm. Influencing the senses of the preceptor, it stimulates and re-energizes sharpness, alertness and drive in a person rendering him/her enigmatic and intensified.

Gorilla Incense is relatively small yet it packs a punch that hits the beats to the peak from within the deeps for the active and assertive ones. Gorilla Incense is for the ones who consider themselves living at the edge of the world! Gorilla Incense is available in 3 grams.

Gorilla Incense depicts a symbolic stature of dynamism and authority, whether you are alone or up for a ceremony, Light it up in your room to intensify, rejuvenate and reignite your senses now!

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