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Fruit Punch Herbal Incense – Fine Herbal Incense | Crazy Delicious Scent!

Fruit Punch Herbal Incense (3g)


Sweet spice thats better than nice! Fantastically fruity herbal incense with a crazy delicious aroma!

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Product Description

Fruit Punch Herbal Incense (3g)

Now the famously fruity Fruit Punch Herbal Incense is finally here and available to order at Fine Herbal Incense! Punch up your aromatic experience with this unique mix of amazing herbs. Fruit Punch mixes high quality herbs and then takes their incense a step beyond by blending in micro amounts of all natural fruit juice that emits a fragrance so incredible it is guaranteed to make your next herbal aromatherapy session smell crazy delicious!

Don’t you ever feel like you need a vacation but just can’t afford to take the time off of work? Maybe Fruit Punch Herbal Incense is the answer! While you’re working hard waiting for those too few vacation days to add up, try ordering some Fruit Punch, and at least for a little while you can feel like you’re on a tropical vacation when you’re surrounded by this sweet fragrance.

Fruit Punch Herbal Incense is powerful, fantastically fruity, and ideal for those days when you need to unwind. Perfect for fruit loving customers who just can’t resist the high potency level of Fruit Punch Herbal Incense. It packs a fruity punch that will have you smiling in no time! In stock for a limited time, so snatch up your own bit of tropical paradise and order some Fruit Punch Herbal Incense before it sells out!

When you find out how much you love our 100% legal, super fruity, high quality Fruit Punch Herbal Incense, come back to tell us about it!

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NOTICE: Fruit Punch Herbal Incense is comprised of natural herbs and ingredients that are 100% legal in all 50 states. In no event will the retailers or manufacturers of this product be held liable by the consumer for any injury or damages caused directly or indirectly by the misuse of this product by the consumer. It is manufactured, designed, and sold as an aromatic incense only. It is not intended for human consumption. Guaranteed to be tobacco free and contains zero nicotine.


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