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Black Lion Incense


Brave people can boast that they’ve savored the rare and glorious odor that emanates from Black Lion Herbal Incense. HI1 has the beast in stock, so come and order before this legendary bounty of black, bold spice is gone forever!

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Product Description

Black Lion Incense 11g

Score on the Spice Scale:

  • Potency – 9
  • Flavor – 6
  • Longevity – 10
  • Uniqueness – 10
  • Popularity – 8



While many know of the legendary black beast, few have dared buy up their own bag, for fear they might not be able to control the dark animal nature inside them once they catch the scent of Black Lion Incense. Hunting down your next spice blend? If you’re brave, and no newbie to the aroma spice world, then you might just tame this bold bag of legal herbal bud. If you’re more of a dog person, and don’t think you can bear the scent of Lion in the air, we understand. We know glory, bragging rights, and boasting of one’s more adventurous experiences in the aromatic circles isn’t for everyone, after all.


But if you want a taste of what it feels like to truly be lionhearted, then my friend, this black lion incense is bold spice bagged up just for you.

Additional Information

Weight 11 g