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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Smokin’ Tips : Some Helpful Advice Currently our website shopping cart is set up to accept VISA only! We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some of our clients, and hope to make additional payment options available in the near future. For now, all debit, credit, and prepaid VISA cards that have been registered with billing and shipping information to make purchases online with can be used on our website to order. When ordering, be sure to enter your billing information exactly as it reads on your card statement! Our security system is sensitive to protect you from potentially sensitive data being captured or misused to make fraudulent purchases. That is why our shop is so specific when it comes to entering your information correctly. Enter your name and billing address carefully and precisely to ensure a smooth checkout process.
  • At the time of placing an order your VISA card will be subject to an authorization charge by your bank where $1 will be held by your bank until the total charge for your order has been processed and cleared (this practice is normal for banks, and is similar compared to when you buy dinner at a restaurant with a credit card). More info about the authorization step can be found on this page. Also, this is a link to a list of banks in the US that will impose a pre authorization  For each attempted order placed (whether it is successful or not), $1 will be reserved on hold in your acount, then this dollar is returned to your bank account within 1-5 business days (sometimes longer depending on the financial issuer). If you have a failed purchase, this dollar will still be returned to you.
  • Before making your purchase: double check that the funds available in your bank account or your credit statement are present and available for spending and making purchases with! Sometimes after depositing money into your account (like a payroll check, or cash) your bank will take a little time before finally accepting and “clearing” your money, making it available for you to spend. So instead of your total funds overall, see what you have available to spend. After making sure you have enough available funds to cover the shipping cost $5.80, the $1 temporary authorization, and the total cost of your incense spice bags, you’re ready to rock on to the checkout process. Make sure all your moola is measured out and your enthusiasm is peaked before diving in so your order can be placed without delay.
  • If you do attempt to place an order, but receive a failure message or error, please wait a minute or two before submitting your order again. Banks are highly sensitive, blood sucking animals that freak out at the slightest irregularity in spending. So for your second try, make sure you’re equipped with the correct billing information and credit card details that your bank has on file, so that they don’t run amok with fear and begin flagging or freezing your card. When entering your VISA card number, be sure to type in digits only! No spaces, dashes, no letters, no emojis, or any other saucy characters that you might be tempted to type in. This is a common reason why some orders fail while other orders succeed.
  • We currently ship to customers in the UNITED STATES. We will post an update if this changes in the future. As it is, if you are in any country other than the USA and try to place an order, it will fail. We’re sorry about the inconvenience and if you would like us to recommend a trusted herbal incense supplier in your country, please get in touch.



Herbal Incense 1  |  Store Policies

Shipping – Delivery – Tracking IDs

Herbal Incense 1 ships all orders via USPS within 1 business day of your order being placed. Once your order has been processed by HI1 and sent to be shipped, you will be sent a Tracking Number by USPS for your package. If you are having any trouble finding it, you are also able to view  your order’s tracking information via your customer account login. Note that the tracking ID doesn’t come immediately after you place your order, but as soon as it is received by USPS they will assign it a number for you to check in on. If you have waited until your order is processed, but still can’t find your number anywhere, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you out by finding it for you.

Privacy – Security – Your Information

We do not sell, give away, or rent any of our customer’s information to any third party organizations or advertising groups. Our e-commerce site does use browser cookies to track your shopping cart activity and to store session information. You can clear these cookies or disable cookie tracking within your own browser definitions (just be aware that disabling cookies may make certain site features not work as expected). Any information that is included in your customer account or in any herbal incense purchase order is stored and transmitted via 256 bit secure socket layer encryption via our e-commerce engine. Your information for payment is not processed directly on our website, but through an industry standard trusted merchant payment portal that is built to handle the secure encryption of these transactions. Your information is safe, even from us! 🙂


Returns – Refunds – Replacement Requests

Herbal Incense 1 offers a Money Back Guarantee for returned – unopened, products that are in their original, untampered with, minty fresh condition. That means don’t send us back a pile of ashes and expect the Benjamin’s to rain down from the sky.

The following rules must apply in order for a return to be considered:

  1. Money back guarantees will only apply to delivered goods in original condition as long as the return is processed within 7 days of customer’s original receipt
  2. Original packaging must be completely intact and product must be in a ready to be resold condition at the time of it’s return
  3. Return the product(s) to us in it’s appropriate packaging (make sure all packs are sealed in their original condition). Please note that all original containers, e.g. Box, intact foil bags, jars and any other sealed containers, must be boxed up and shipped back to us by you in order for us to process the return at the time a refund is being claimed.
  4. Product that has any appearance of forgery, misuse, tampering or any other damage that appears to be caused by anything other than the minor damages that could occur by regular shipping methods will not be refunded. For example: Sending back a box with a smooshed corner? No biggie, thanks USPS. But if we see sacks super glued back together, or we’re sent a bag of your mom’s Oregano, we will not issue any refunds.
  5. Shipping is not refundable.
  6. In order to return a package, you must contact us through the contact form on our Contact Us page and explain the nature of your refund request. Let us know why the item is unacceptable, and if you would like us to send you a replacement or substitute bag, or if you would like your charges refunded instead. Please be sure to include all the account information (name, and email address) as well as the original shipping details for the Order, the order number on your receipt, and your contact information so that we can review, approve, and/or process the return or replacement for you.
  7. There will be a fee of 30% withheld from refunds on all returned orders to cover the handling and restocking fees.

We reserve the right to refuse the money back offer if we discover any attempt to counterfeit or defraud Herbal Incense 1 of the original product which we provided to you. No tolerance for people trying to game us or who attempt to con our company for their own financial gain. If we discover malicious intent to defraud HI1, we reserve the right to flame the fraudsters by adding them onto our Wall of Lame.

Replacement product(s) of equal value and quantity will be shipped in exchange for the damaged goods, once the returned original product has been received by HI1. The same rules for returns apply to replacement requests as they do to refund requests. All original products must be returned with the original packaging intact, inside of their original jars, boxes, bags or foil packs. Requests to exchange a product must be submitted within 7 days of the customer’s original order receipt. We will do our best to get you your heart’s desire.

Herbal Incense 1 strongly recommends that when you’re returning any product to us, that you opt for shipping that includes a verifiable tracking number! 

We know accidents happen (especially when it comes to the Post Office), but we will not be held responsible for returned shipments which vanish, become lost, or otherwise end up unaccounted for in transit. Reliable and dependable situations are practically guaranteed when returned shipments are tagged with a tracking number and delivery confirmation request.

Sometimes these packages are lost in the mail, hijacked by space wolves, or sent to the wrong address (or the bottom of the ocean). We always recommend having your best interests in mind, and encourage client’s to request their shipment’s unique tracking ID from whichever delivery service provider they choose to ship their herbal bud through (be it USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc). By keeping track of your returned potpourri packages, we can more efficiently process your un-order and move on to getting you an aromatic spice replacement.

Don’t settle for the delivery guy’s “guarantee”, get a tracking ID!


The Ordering Process

Herbal Incense 1 offers both retail pricing and cheap wholesale herbal incense ordering options through our legal spice website and scent shop. The pricing for our products is set as a default to the product’s recommended retail price. Sometimes we will offer bundled bags of bud as cheap incense promos, lightning deals, fire sales, deep discounts for dearly loyal clientèle, and occasional coupons, contests, and specials for certain items at our sole discretion, and we are not obligated to do so either, but we love you so OK.

If you are interested in the Herbal Incense 1 wholesale pricing discounts and bulk spice orders, please contact us with your name, business name, and recent preferred contact information and a member of our team will call you to collect the details and discuss price breaks for your individual wholesale request.


Payments – Prices – Promos

We accept VISA credit cards, debit cards with a VISA logo on them, and VISA prepaid gift cards will work as well as long as they have been registered and authorized to make purchases online. If you want to use a re-loadable VISA gift card when placing an order, make sure that you have enough funds to cover the amount of your order PLUS $1 for the per-authorization charge. We will accept checks and money orders in the future from wholesale customers who have a positive track record with us, and whose accounts are currently in good standing. The rules are simple: follow the few guidelines and terms we set forth for privileged discount memberships, and adhere to the purchase agreement that you consented to when signing up for our exclusive pricing tier. If you have a question about your membership discounts, or about becoming a member, please get in touch with us via our wholesale department.

On occasion we do post special inventory deals for our products. Those discounts will be configured into the shopping cart price so that the appropriate discount is applied to your order. In some cases, this may require entry of a unique promotional code at the time of check out in order to receive the discount. These codes are handed out by posting them on our blog or site occasionally, by random selection, awarded to brand advocates who refer their friends and other new business to our online store, and awarded as prizes to fans who participate in competing at contests hosted by the HI1 Facebook page.


Viewing Your Orders

To view your order after it has been made, simply login with your the account information that you created at the time of your order, or if you have already created an account before, you may log in using your normal credentials. After logging in, you can go to the upper left corner of the Herbal Incense 1 website where you will see a link to “My Account”, then go to the history section of your account to view any current, pending, or past orders that have been submitted via this website.


Updating Account Information

To update account information, simply login to the website and manage your contact, shipping, or billing information. If you have trouble updating the information on your own, shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to help you out.




  1. What is the strongest, most magically potent herbal scent in stock? What should I order?
    • That varies from person to person, brand to brand, and store to store. I can’t make up your mind for you about which scent will be right for you, but I can suggest what the most popular selling aroma of the month, and let you in on what other customers reveal to be the strongest. Currently, our website is the 1st for herbal incense and legal buds online with 100%  primo 50 state legal aromas for sale (no italian seasoning stuffed into your herbal smoke on this website!).
  2. Can I have some free samples? Give me them free tasters NOW!
    • No. Double no.
  3. Why won’t HI1 give us all free herbal incense samples?
    • Because of the sheer number of requests and customers we get every day, we just can’t afford to give away free samples of our product. This popularity and pricey factor is compounded by one simple reality: we are the #1 Herbal Incense site with herbal aromatics that are potent and REAL. We spend good money to make sure our customers have a safe place to order their scents from online, and strive to warn them away from skeezy fakes who could care less if one or all of you gets ripped off. But to give you something for free, I would have to whip out my own credit card to pay for every single sample. I’m just not financially bulletproof to carry that burden (who knows, maybe someday). The good news is you can still have lots of chances to win or earn a free sample from HI1 by referring people to our online store, or competing in our mystery challenges for deep discounts and free prizes!
  4. Why are there only four questions here?
    • Because I’ve been writing this for hours, and it’s now up to over 2384 words and counting. If there are anymore pressing questions in the future, I will add them to ensure you stay educated.


My Only question is about the man below. Does he have the answers we all seek, or is he The 1 asking the questions? Maybe it’s time to just relax and let it all go up in smoke!

(PS I am not the guy below, I swear lol).


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Smokin’ Tips : Some Helpful Advice

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