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The Spice Scale – A Scoring System by

"The Spice Scale - A Ratings and Review System by Herbal Incense 1"

“The Spice Scale – A Ratings and Review System by Herbal Incense 1”

Introducing the Spice Scale™

Ratings, Reviews & Reality Checks on Deck!

The Spice Scale Categories

Potency 1-10

Flavor 1-10

Longevity 1-10

Uniqueness 1-10

Popularity 1-10

Total Overall Ratings Max Out at 50 Possible Potent Potpourri Points

Each spice we carry at gets a score, rated from 1 to 10 in each category. Measuring those totals, whatever they are for that particular aroma, will range from 1-10. Once all categories have been judged, they’ll be added up, and that number will give you the Score on the Spice Scale. There is an overall maximum score of 50 points if a potpourri pops out blessed 10’s in every niche.

People wonder and often ask what the most potent herbal incense we carry might be. Everyone has their favorites, but no one has devised a true scale to measure spice by. Now, after much data collection and study, we have a scoring system for you to judge a potpourri by is you aren’t sure what to purchase. Now, this scale won’t be true for everyone, but it is certainly the majority that we’ve found. If you have your own reviews to add, please do! We’ll build out an awesome library for people to reference right here on Herbal Incense 1!

Now for what each category means.

Potency: this should be self explanatory. How strong is this herbal incense spice? We judge this category from first hand experience and from user reviewers who we trust.

Flavor: it doesn’t necessarily mean an herbal incense with a low score in this category is going to taste bad. Rather, it is the comparison of light to heavy flavored smoke. If a scent is particularly acrid, or very sweet, the scent is easy to notice once the herbal smoke hits the air. If the scent is incredibly light, and airy, then it will have a lower score. Take this into account when looking for the perfect potpourri for you.

Longevity: is the lifeblood behind the herbs. How long does it last when burning? If it goes up quickly, and constantly needs refilling before the entire space has been filled with aroma, then you might consider the cost for that scent. If it lasts a long time, consider buying one big bag, and then consider yourself set for a while because you’ll need to light it less often to get the full bang for your buck.

Uniqueness: is an essential category to judge our aromas by. After all we’ve all heard and experienced at one point or another the same aroma in a seemingly new package or under a new name. It happens, and we at HI1 often avoid these kinds of “white label” herbal incense blends. Because after all, you’re shopping for a new scent each time, then you’ll want to know how unique it is when compared to other spice for sale online. Uniqueness when the score is low means that it really reminds us of another scent we’ve seen before. Now, this can be totally awesome if that scent was super potent, but if it was of the faint variety, then it’s most likely you’ll want to avoid it.

Popularity: is an easy one to figure out. After all, if something is getting bought up by the barrel then it might behoove you to buy up some for yourself, get it? Alright.

Five categories, each on a scale from 1 to 10, for a total of 50 points. We’ll be adding our favorites to the blog here at as we go along, but you’ll also find this information on each one of our product pages too as we go through updating the massive collection we have.

Be sure to let us know what you think of our very own Signature Spice™ scoring system!

And if you think there is anything else that should be added, just drop us a message via our Contact Us page, or give us a shout out on Twitter!


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