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The Potent Potpourri Propaganda Smackdown

Potpurri Propaganda

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Different herbal blend brands have been popularized over the years by many, and sometimes not always in the most responsible, positive, or glowing light that it should be cast. Due to it’s explosive growth, sales of legitimate potpourri products has gone from booming, prosperous business, to “going down with the ship” style crapshooters, and everything in between. Today I’m going to delve into what it was like to behold these giants of green as they went from the title “lucrative business”, to “limp wick witness”. These were the vendors who sold mediocre blends, ripped people off, plotted, schemed, and lied all along the way. Worse still, while some powerhouses of potpourri were falling from grace, smaller shadier businesses were selling counterfeit smoke, which can be lethal.

Hence, the burning question that keeps many politicians up at night is “How legal is Herbal Incense”? The answer to that lies behind a convoluted veil of gray smoke, harder to see through than the herbal smoke for which the laws were passed for. Your mileage may vary, but the most commonly known laws start with some basic principles: First, that herbal incense is as legal as the place where you buy it from. It depends on where you live, what state, and what purpose you plan to put your potpourri product to.

Potpourri Politics: The Legal Battle

The United States was enjoying the “free-love” mentality while pursuing the many aromatic benefits of 50 state legal incense and potent potpourri products of old. Until the hammer came down, “Op. YouKnowWhat”, otherwise known as D-Day to the higher ups of the incense inner-circles.  That was in 2012, when Barrack Obama slapped a one year ban on all herbal incense products like Scooby Snacks Incense and other legal weed chemical incense supplies in an attempt to put a stop to the product’s misguided users who were abusing it. For the next few months, a nationwide drug bust followed. In late 2012, Obama changed his mind, and outlawed only some herbal incense products that contained very specific legal high chemical ingredients.

Hardly believing their luck, insense merchants rushed to revamp their retail, excited that the 100% ban was lifted (even if it meant restrictions were still in place, some restrictions were better for business than no business allowed at all). To comply with this fortunate turn in legislature, several vendors rightly made modifications to their product lines, eliminating the banned ingredients from their brands. To this day, some unscrupulous herbal incense website owners go to great lengths to hide who they are (often, they own more than just one website too). As far as political potpourri propaganda has ceased for the time being.

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