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"The Spice Scale - A Ratings and Review System by Herbal Incense 1"

The Spice Scale – A Scoring System by

Introducing the Spice Scaleā„¢ Ratings, Reviews & Reality Checks on Deck! The Spice Scale Categories Potency 1-10 Flavor 1-10 Longevity 1-10 Uniqueness 1-10 Popularity 1-10 Total Overall Ratings Max Out at 50 Possible Potent Potpourri Points Each spice we carry at gets a score, rated from 1 to 10 in each category. Measuring […]

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Potpurri Propaganda

The Potent Potpourri Propaganda Smackdown

  Different herbal blend brands have been popularized over the years by many, and sometimes not always in the most responsible, positive, or glowing light that it should be cast. Due to it’s explosive growth, sales of legitimate potpourri products has gone from booming, prosperous business, to “going down with the ship” style crapshooters, and […]

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