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About Us → All about us and our herbal incense store

Thanks for wanting to know more about HI1!

First and foremost, the team here at came together because the lot of us agree on a few fundamental beliefs about business. In other words, these are our ride-or-die, live-and-breath-by rules on how we go about conducting business for our herbal incense online store.

For our client’s security and peace of mind, you can trust we are who we say we are. Just click the site seal below, and a new window will appear, allowing you to view the Certified Domain Certificate that we signed off on. Why? Because we care about our customers!


Screw not, lest we be screwed.

Now what this means is a lot like what do unto others what you would have done unto you (or something) means. Basically, we believe in treating our customers with respect. Without them, we wouldn’t be here today. We know how some of the other websites operate, because we’ve heard right from our customers how they’ve been treated by other stores. Not only does hearing about customers getting ripped off make some of us physically ill, it pisses all of us right the hell off. So we believe in not screwing over our clients, lest we find ourselves abandoned and screwed ourselves.

Make shopping with HI1 a rewarding experience.

There are literally hundreds of sites out there selling herbal incense online. When we came together to form Herbal Incense 1, we knew we had to be different to make a name for ourselves. What could we do to set ourselves apart from other businesses in our unique industry? We know some other sites have tried and failed to maintain a level of interest and participation from their customers. We want to take that same model, but instead of giving up once they felt they were too big to fail, we would continue on, and make shopping with HI1 and participating in our community one that was rewarding. In other words: stick with us, and we’ll make it rewarding and fun for you.

Live up to our name.

We knew it was a gutsy move calling ourselves number one. But when you do what you love, you gotta love what you do. And we’re doing this dirty work for you guys, our loyal clientèle. With that in mind, we want to live up to our name — Herbal Incense 1 — and be the only one in the industry that you guys can come back to with a smile again and again. When you find yourselves wanting customer service with a smile, a little reward for your retail spending, and potency when it counts, then we want to be the first one you all turn to.

We will be better than everyone else.

Some of us on the team have worked with the best herbal incense sites in the industry. These team members left for reasons that could loosely be related to the first item on this list. Some of our nearest and dearest clients will know the whole story. But rather than explain exactly who we might have been, we want to start fresh and have you all fall in love with us all over again. We promise it’ll be worthwhile. After all, who doesn’t love a new beginning? And while we don’t exactly wish nothing but success for the herbal incense teams we left behind, we won’t publicly flame them either. Of course, that being said, we won’t hesitate to defend ourselves should the need to do so arise. Other than that, we’re happy to focus on our wonderful customers and have nothing but enthusiasm in regards to slamming our competition into the ground the old fashioned way. 😉

Meet The Herbal Incense 1 Crew


So who the hell are we, anyway? Where is your money going when all is said and done? We’re happy to introduce ourselves to you.

We’ll start with our founder, Jeffrey Greene.

Founder of herbalincense1 Jeffrey Greene

Jeffrey grew up splitting time between his mother’s house in North Las Vegas, and his father’s house in a small city some miles outside of Carson City called Dayton. When he was young, he would spend most of his weekend with his father, and the rest of the weekend with the owner’s of a small nearby motel while his father drove the 53 minutes out to the Mustang Ranch so he could spend a little whoopee to go whoopee, as he embarrassingly liked to say. Jeffrey doesn’t remember much about his father, but he does remember the owners of the motel where he spent most of his weekends growing up.

They were an immigrant family from Bangalore, India. The mother, father, young son, and teenage daughter all lived in a small house on the back of the property. While the mother and father worked during the day, Jeffrey would be in the back house with the daughter and son. To make extra money, the daughter would hand roll sticks of herbal incense dipped in a various mixture of spice and perfume. These she would give to her mother at the end of the day, to be sold in town during the weekly local swap meet. After a great many weekends waiting for his father to come back from his “whoopee time”, he began to help the daughter make herbal incense to be sold for the family.

That is where his love for the ancient herbal incense spice stemmed from. Years later, he said goodbye to the small town of Dayton forever, and moved out into a small apartment in Las Vegas on his own. He discovered the cannabinoid world, and grew to be an enthusiastic fan of the process behind it’s potency. Eventually, he would start his own business, vowing that he’d be #1 some day.

Jeffrey Greene grew up demanding more out of life, and insisted that others do the same. Especially passionate about herbal incense, he exclaims loudly (damning his indoor voice), that others rise up and demand their incense today! Here and now, before all their choices in life go up in a puff of herbal smoke!

Other crew members include: The wonderfully talented, Sandy Bernice Ashlen. The brains behind the business, Sean Neel Birch. The crew in shipping, Ollie Gene Walden and Shelba Price. And the ever mysterious but nonetheless essential to business, Otto Turner who we call “Pippo”. Look for their back stories which will be added in the upcoming weeks to our herbal incense blog. We plan to include their favorite spice, their awesome discount code ideas, and their genuine herbal incense reviews too!