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Herbal Incense 1 – 1st for Herbal Incense and Legal Herbal Buds Online!

Herbal Incense has been a breakout success amongst the spice community. With an incredibly diverse collection of home grown incense available, and nothing but premium potent quality, you’re bound to find a scent to savor! We carry the most intriguing fragrances from the most prevalent herbal smoke brands on the market today. We carry the serious spice at prices that are set to save you big time! Want the top notch popular potpourri brands? We got em! Our stock includes some of the newest trending aromas like Geeked Up Herbal Incense, White Tiger Herbal Incense, Black Lion Herbal Incense, and Kisha Cole Incense. We also have all the classic powerful potents like Sexy Monkey Herbal Incense, Mad Monkey Herbal Incense, Crazy Monkey Incense, California Dreams Incense, and so much more!

You’ll notice throughout our site references t “legal” tats because we don’t sell that zombie shampoo or whatever the f$%& people were doing that turn this culture inside out. We do believe in freedom, yours in particular. That means we can caution and we can warn about misuse of things but in the end you will choose for yourself and we respect that, and we urge you to be smart and be safe always ok? Nothing we sell is on a government banned list, nothing is available not even these words if you are a minor, and we believe there’s a place for all types of herbals and incense, and that’s cool, we can’t carry it all so we’re deciding to focus on value and quality and in the middle, we think we’ll find you…very happy 🙂

Check out our wonderfully diverse and low priced selection today, place an order, and enjoy your next amazing potent aroma right here at!


Legal Herbal Incense

We only sell our products as legal herbal incense, not meant for human consumption, and 50 state legal since we do not contain any synthetic cannabinoids considered schedule I. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Incredible Inventory & New Brands Added All The Time!

We know what you love, and if we don’t have it on hand already, we’ll do our best to find it for you! Just shoot us a message and we’ll strive to add it to our line of signature scents for you to choose from!